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Let Friends & Family crowdfund your baby and help non-profit charities at the same time.  Showing support with name ideas adds more interaction within your social circle.  BabyNamy wants to make baby naming extra special for moms.

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What does BabyNamy do?

Turn baby naming into a fun experience while giving back to moms! People can submit names to sponsor. After the baby arrives, the mom selects her favorite name and receives those funds. Or choose a name that's not the top, and the difference goes to non-profit charities.

Free For Moms
There are no fees for expectant mothers to run fundraisers. When the fundraiser ends, a one-time bulk payment goes to the mom.
Free To Join
Sponsors can join and suggest names or support those already listed. A 10% fee is added to donations to cover all costs.
Simple Fundraising
It takes a few minutes to start and share your BabyNamy. After the baby's birth, the mom selects the chosen name to end the fundraiser.
Your Community Support
With Friends & Family all over the country, add more interactions by sharing updates and progress.

Your BabyNamy can help with:


Clothing, bottles, toys, stroller, etc.


Regular and unplanned expenses.


Preschool, daycare, college, etc.


It's easy! Sign up, provide some pregnancy details like due date, gender, etc., and then invite your Friends and Family to suggest names

Yes, you can campaign for a first name, a middle name or both.

If your baby arrives earlier than planned, you can end the fundraiser by choosing the name(s) you've decided. Funds will be deposited into your bank account within approximately 3 business days.

Only the expectant mother can initiate and oversee her campaign. In such cases, we'll close these campaigns and refund any donations. It's essential that the person who's pregnant begins their campaign. We recommend guiding them to start their own.

You may choose a non-profit charity from our list and the percentage of your donations you want to give. Our list has non-profits with a strong history of providing services to women, babies, and children, focusing on health or assisting vulnerable families.


Every naming moment is a heartfelt celebration, filled with love and memories!

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