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Get quick answers to common questions about managing your campaign, donations, selecting names, payouts, and more.

BabyNamy allows expectant mothers to create campaigns to choose their baby's name with the support of their community. Friends and family can sponsor names, making the process heartwarming and meaningful.

Yes, signing up is free. BabyNamy believes in making this experience accessible and meaningful.

Absolutely. You have the flexibility to choose a name that resonates with you, even if it's not the highest sponsored name. 

Donations designated for the non-profit charity are collected monthly and sent to the selected charity, allowing for a cumulative impact. 

Friends and family can sponsor names on your campaign. They can choose from the names already listed or suggest their own.

Yes, sponsors can suggest names for your baby, allowing for creativity and variety in the naming process. However, please note that you won’t be able to change or update gender, due date, % to charity, and BabyNamy types (FN, MN, BN) once your campaign is live.

If your baby is born early, you can select the legal name for your baby, and your campaign will end. Funds will be deposited into your account within approximately 3 business days.

If there are technical issues or a mistake, contact us through a trouble ticket and we’ll work on the issue.

Also, your feedback matters a lot to us! We're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions as we grow our services. Help us shape your BabyNamy experience!

Creating a campaign is simple. You'll outline your naming preferences and invite friends and family to join in. It's a heartwarming process that celebrates unity and love.

You can include up to three seed names per first and middle names as examples for your loved ones to feel what kind of names they may suggest and sponsor.  The more they like the name, the more they’ll donate! 

By allocating funds to a non-profit charity, you positively impact the lives of women, babies, and children in need, adding a deeper layer of meaning to your naming journey.

The selection cannot be changed once you've chosen a non-profit charity. This ensures that the positive impact you intended remains constant throughout your naming journey.