Your account settings

Anyone can create an account on BabyNamy, whether they are a mother-to-be or someone who wants to sponsor babies. However, only pregnant women can create and manage a BabyNamy campaign.

An account is useful for managing your donations, viewing your donation history, and more. Once you create an account, you can enter or update your contact information at any time.

At BabyNamy, we value your privacy. We do not share or sell our members' information to anyone. The only profile information that is viewable by other users is your screen name and profile picture.

To access your profile information, sign in and click on the user menu with your name. From there, you can select Edit Profile to make changes to your name, email address, phone number, street address, city, state, and zip code. You can also upload or change your profile picture, but we recommend using a square image with a size of 300 x 300 pixels or 600 x 600 pixels.

In case of emergency or when the mother-to-be cannot access their account due to unfortunate circumstances, you can enter an emergency contact in your profile. This contact should be the Father-to-be, a family member, or a friend who can be contacted or allowed to communicate with the BabyNamy staff. You can enter two names and phone numbers, separated by a comma.

Remember to press "Save Changes" to save any changes you make to your profile.