Campaign Requirements

To start and manage a BabyNamy campaign, you must meet the following requirements to allow for funds to be transfers to legitimate individuals:

1. Be 18 years or older.

2. Only the pregnant person can start and manage a campaign.

3. Be at least 20 weeks pregnant.

4. Provide valid identification, such as a State Driver’s license, State ID, or passport. Validation is through Stripe, a third-party service.

5. Have a valid US bank account. Validation is through Stripe.

Starting a BabyNamy requires the mother to share the campaign with their family and friends, so we use an honor system. If they are faking a pregnancy, they will have to answer to the people who know them. Any fraudulent campaigns will be suspended, and donors will be refunded after a short verification period.

Sorry, surrogate mothers and intended parents of a surrogate baby or adoption are not allowed to run a campaign.