Running a BabyNamy

Sharing milestones, editing, and posting updates are easy. When you log in, you’ll start on your Dashboard. From here, you’ll see the donation stats for your campaigns and donations you’ve made to other campaigns. Below are the stats, which give you quick access to your active campaigns. You may also access your campaigns from the Menu. On your phone, it’s the 3-bar button in the top right corner. On a desktop, it defaults to open on the left side of your screen. You may hide the Menu by pressing the Menu button. All functions for your BabyNamy Account are from the Dashboard.

My Campaigns: This is your list of campaigns. It shows the amount donated and the status of your campaign (Active, Pending, Finish, etc.). To access the functions, click Status, Edit, View, Add Update, and Donors.

Status: This is where you can preview your donations with the current rankings, choose your Baby’s name, cancel a campaign, and more.

Edit: This is where you can edit your campaign, such as the wording and photos. You cannot change the due date, seed names, Charity selection, or amounts. 

View: Takes you to the public view of your BabyNamy. From there, you can access the share buttons and read messages from people who donated to your fundraiser. 

Add Update: You can post and edit pregnancy updates, milestones, and announcements. You may include a photo.

Donors:  Lists the name, email, and donation amounts from donors. 

We recommend you post at least once every 2~4 weeks to share updates and milestones with friends and family. By all means, share your thoughts about names in your posts and on social media.

Status Options:

You have a few options for changing the Status of your Campaign.

Preview Ranking: 

At any time during your crowdfunding, you can select various sponsored names and see how they change donation amounts between you and the charity you selected. Previewing does not affect your campaign.

Baby Birth: 

Press this button after your baby’s birth. Unlike Preview Ranking, this is where you select the name you named your baby. This will start the payout process to the mother and charities.


You may decide to stop your campaign at any time. The funds will be refunded to the donors.

In the unfortunate event of a pregnancy loss, the campaign will continue for 72 hours.