Loss of Pregnancy

We understand that experiencing the loss of a pregnancy is a difficult time, and we're here to support you throughout the process. If you need to change the status of your fundraising campaign to "Loss," log in to your account, select the campaign, and click on the "Loss" option.

We'll guide you through the necessary steps, including entering the chosen name for your baby. Please note that any name you select will always be ranked as the first-place name. After completing the ID verification process and submitting the post-update, your campaign will continue for 72 hours to allow friends and family to continue donating.

BabyNamy will donate our fee to the campaign, which is half the 10% charged to the sponsor. We do not keep the fees in such situations. The other half (5%) goes to the payment gateway, and any other 3rd party fees paid. 

Suppose the mother or both the mother and baby are lost. In that case, the father or the next family member on the emergency contact list will have access to manage the campaign. Please use our contact form to initiate the process, and the validation process will begin.

Donations to Non-Profit Charities:
If the mom selected a percentage of incoming donations to be given to charities, that will remain the same. For example, if she selected 10%, it will stay at 10%. What changes is that there is only a first-place name, no matter the name.

The donation of our fee:
BabyNamy will directly refund the 5% processing fee to the mother or family. This would be an additional payment transfer from BabyNamy. If $50 (5%) was collected from us by your sponsors from all donations, then that $50 will be donated to the mother.