Donations & Sponsors

Sponsor any baby’s name on BabyNamy by selecting a listed name, adding your own, and choosing the amount you want to donate. The minimum donation is $5.00
Click on “Donate To This BabyNamy.” A pop-up will display the name(s) and donation amounts for you to confirm. Choose to pay via PayPal or card. Unless you’re signed on, you’ll need to enter your name and email address as a guest. You can make your public donation anonymously as a guest or member.
We add a flat rate of 10% to cover the dynamic fees from various gateways and our fees. We do not take any amount donated to moms and nonprofits.
After payment, we’ll display a receipt, and you can return to the campaign.

You will receive an email receipt. If you have a user account on BabyNamy, you can review your donations from the Dashboard by clicking “Donations” or clicking here.

Are Donations tax-deductible? 
Your donations are considered personal gifts to the mother-to-be. The amounts that go to nonprofits are donated on your behalf. Due to the system, we cannot separate the amount going to a nonprofit from you as a tax deduction, as we combine the amounts from all donors and send payments to Nonprofit Charities every month.

Payment Gateway
Because of the dynamic fees from various gateways and other fees, it’s half the 10% added on top of the donation.

How much are the fees? 

BabyNamy does not take any amount that goes to Nonprofits or Moms. Our fee is included in the 10% added during the donation process.

How much of my donation goes to Mom-to-be?
That depends on the mother. She may have selected 0% for a charity, 10% or 25%, etc. The mother-to-be will receive funds from ALL the sponsored baby names if the mother has selected 0% for a charity and first-place name. If a 2nd-place name is chosen, she will receive 100% of the funds in lower-ranked names. However, the funds above the selected name will be shifted to a nonprofit. Mothers-to-be can see this information when they choose their baby’s name. Refer to How it Works.

BabyNamy doesn’t offer refunds unless the campaign is fraudulent or canceled. We’ll contact the sponsors and automatically refund the donation through the payment gateway used. 5% will not be refunded to the sponsor to cover gateway fees. For example, if you donated $100, you were charged $110, so the refund will be $105.