Cancel A Campaign

You may cancel your campaign for any reason; however, if you're experiencing any problems, please get in touch with us first. We can resolve the issue for you.

If you still want to cancel your campaign immediately, we will suspend it upon your request. Here's the process for doing that:

1. Go to the Campaign Status page and click "Cancel". You can enter your reasons for canceling, but it's not required. Once you submit the form, your campaign will be suspended.

2. Your campaign's status on your Dashboard will change to "Cancel Request". This means the campaign is no longer publicly listed and can't accept more donations. You will have two business days to reconsider your decision. However, you won't be able to un-cancel your campaign from your Dashboard. If you want to reinstate your campaign, you must submit a Support Ticket.

3. When your campaign's status changes to "Refunding", this means that we have started refunding the donors. At this point, your campaign can't be restored.

4. Once we've completed the refunds, the campaign will be deleted and no longer listed on your Dashboard.

If you decide to delete your campaign, you can also request that your account be deleted. We can do that for you after the refunds are completed.

Please note that the amount refunded will be the amount spent by the donors minus 5% to cover payment gateway fees.