Hello, and Welcome

Hello, and Welcome

Welcome to BabyNamy!

 We’re just opening our site for the public to use, so please excuse us if you still find sawdust here and there, as the paint is still drying on the walls.   We welcome input from people on issues, ideas, and questions.   We have a contact form available at the bottom of every page, or, as a registered user – you can easily send us messages through our Support Tickets.  

 We welcome real people to use our services by starting a BabyNamy Campaign and donating to friends or family who are having a child.  While this is a soft launch, we are operational and will add more features, articles, and more in the coming weeks.

We hope you find BabyNamy helpful and fun for you and your friends; that was one of our goals when we came up with the concept. 

We also wanted to help people, especially young families, through non-profit charities while interacting with friends and family, local or far away.

Donovan and Terry

Posted by BabyNamy
02 Feb 2024 - BabyNamy News

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